Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fifteen Million Hindu Lives at Stake in November 2012

Since beginning my efforts to save the Hindus of Bangladesh from that nation's "quiet case of ethnic cleansing,", the major thrusts of my efforts have been designed to bring this human rights atrocity to the attention of many and gain credibility for my own actions.  While much work still remains in that respect, we have made tremendous strides in having the issue recognized by people heretofore unaware of what is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh and how it is part of the greater movement of international jihad; 2013 can be the year in which Bangladesh's leaders are forced to decide between the following two options:  either stop enabling and tacitly approving of the ethnic cleansing of Hindus; or face exposure of your murderous duplicity and crippling sanctions.  For Sheikh Hasina and her government to choose between coddling Islamists and serving the people they were elected to serve. The key to that happening is the United States.

Because of our efforts and those of others, quite a few sitting Members of Congress and Senators, as well as several vying to unseat them, are now aware of Bangladesh's role in the ethnic cleansing of Hindus and how it helps strengthen international jihad.  As a result, we have a very ambitious and realistic agenda in Washington over the next 12-18 months, and electing those supportive people will help us achieve our goals.  These goals include sanctions, trade and tariffs, UN peacekeeping troops, and much more.  We are very confident that our elected leaders will come down on the side of human rights and against the continued brutalization of innocent Hindus in Bangladesh; but the keys are, first, electing the right people and, two making sure that we press on with this once that happens.

While no one has committed to specific actions or agenda items at this point, we know that we have supporters in the race whom we must support if we believe the things we say; people like Congressmen Bob Dold, Joe Walsh, Randy Hultgren, and Peter Roskam in suburban Chicago; Ted Poe and Pete Olson in the Houston area; Ed Royce in Orange County, CA; Jon Runyan in South Jersey; and many others.  Now is the time for people to press this issue to those good men and women who will have to face the voters in about 60 days from this post; now is the time for people to let them know that we cast our votes for people who will stand strong against the brutalization of innocents and not on the side of allowing it to happen.  Vote for the people noted above, and if you want information of your Congressional or Senatorial candidate, email me.  Remind them that Americans are not supposed to stand by idly and allow such atrocities to occur.  Ask them if they will support initiatives in the 113th Congress to stop the ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Bangladesh, and make sure they know you will cast your vote based in part or entirely on their answer and the actions they take subsequently.  And if anyone wants suggestions on what exactly to say, please email me.

This election and the next two years can be the events when we turned the tide and helped save Bangladesh's 15 million Hindus; or this can be a time when--to our everlasting shame--we did nothing and allowed them to disappear.

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