Monday, November 05, 2018

Congress Concerned about Anti-Hindu Violence

Later this month, I will be briefing the US Congress about the immediate threat to Bangladesh's 12 million plus Hindus as that country's elections near.  Around the time of every major Bangladeshi election, Hindus have been targeted for violence and human rights atrocities.

Given the fact that we expect that the government of Sheikh Hasina does not want this to happen, the United States can take several steps to help her and her ruling party prevent it.  When I was in Bangladesh in March, I suggested several (non-violent) self-defense measures the Hindu community can take in advance of almost certain attacks, and I received assurance from several members of the Bangladeshi government that they will take all measures necessary to stop the violence.

Some anti-Hindu violence has occurred already, tied to the upcoming vote; including the arson attack on an entire village--so far with no government sanction against the perpetrators.  I continue to gather information from people on the ground there and hope that the government of Bangladesh does the right thing--actually lead--rather than fret about votes.

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