Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jews Unite! Gaza Flotilla IS Anti-Semitism"

Why is it so difficult for we Jews to call out our enemies for what they are: Anti-Semites? Are Muslims afraid to toss around the charge of "Islamophobic" as easily as they tossed around candies to celebrate the 9/11 attacks? Have the left and their associates shied away from calling anyone who opposes them "racists"? And their charges are almost always disingenuous. Then why do we fear calling things what they are?

The knee-jerk Israel bashing response to the Gaza terror flotilla by the UN, EU, and the rest of the morally bankrupt idiots places their endemic anti-Semitism on full view. Israel--the Jewish State--acted in every way to stave off violence, and issued numerous warnings to the countries and entities involved. They told them that they were attempting to break a blockade and would be stopped from doing so. (Let's remember that the "blockaded" have launched thousands of missiles indiscriminately against Jewish children with that alphabet soup of anti-Semites consistently silent. I guess it's okay with them if Jews are killed; just don't mess with terrorists.) They offered to transfer any humanitarian supplies on the terror flotilla over land to Gaza--which would have satisfied the alleged humanitarian purpose of the flotilla and its Turkish Islamist backers; but they rejected it preferring violence against Israel instead. All of that is well-documented.

What needs to be called out is the anti-Semitic reaction--and it needs to be identified as such. Ask yourself what their reaction would have been if a group of Jews from Yesha lobbed missiles at schools in Syria? Ask them what their reaction would have been if the Jewish IDF opened fire first. And ask them why they all demand that Israel, the Jewish State, be investigated,, while they do not demand the same of provocateur Turkey, the Islamic State!

Once again, the US State Department failed to show the courage needed in this situation. As reported in the Washington Post, it issued a statement saying that the United States remains "deeply concerned by the suffering of civilians in Gaza" and "will continue to engage the Israelis on a daily basis to expand the scope and type of goods allowed into Gaza."

Nothing about the suffering of the Jewish children in Southern Israel, subject to constant rocket attack from the terrorist enclave; nothing about the openly Islamist intentions of the activists on board the flotilla; nothing about Turkey's role in generating this international incident and the loss of life President Obama "deeply regrets."

There is only one answer to this diplomatic pogrom, and that is self-defense by all Jews and our non-Jewish allies. Am I the only one who sees that? I doubt it. So where is the courage we have lauded in the past?

UPDATE: JUNE 3, 2010: As we knew would happen, there is more and more evidence of terrorist backing and involvement in what Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister called this "armada of hate." See my web site for new information, and for two new articles, see: Turkish 'aid' group had terror ties and 3 flotilla fatalities 'dreamt of martyrdom.'

The al Dura hoax, the non-massacre in Jenin, the doctored photos from Qana, and on and on: Too bad that Israel's bashers never let a silly thing like facts get in their way.

UPDATE: JUNE 3, 2010

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