Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Now the work begins!

Not all of our candidates were victorious in the November 2 elections. The relentlessly independent Congressman John Adler of New Jersey lost to Tea Party backed Jon Runyan. While we lost one friend in Congress, we are confident that we have gained another. The amazing Joel Pollak gave Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky a scare during the campaign but failed to unseat Congress's biggest spender and most leftist Member. Our congratulations to both men for raising important issues, and we expect that we have seen the last of neither.

A lot of great candidates won election and re-election--candidates that will stand strong for the United States, for the fight against radical Islam, and for the oppressed Hindus of Bangladesh, Kashmir, and elsewhere. The two most spectacular victories was the election of Mark Kirk to the US Senate from Illinois, and of Robert Dold to the Congressional seat Kirk is vacating. Senator-elect Kirk has been our strongest and most constant ally in our human rights struggles, and is pledged to help us "save more lives" and stop the spread of radical Islam. Congressman-elect Dold is already working with us, even before taking office, and will be an equally strong voice. Both men are acutely aware of the importance of this issue to the victims, to our nation, and to their Hindu-American constituents, who helped them to victory.

Now our work begins. We have an ambitious agenda for 2011--both in Washington and in South Asia. The 2010 elections have sent a clear message to our adversaries and to our actual and potential allies that we will not tolerate the destruction of Hindu communities in Bangladesh and elsewhere; nor the growth of Islamic radicalism.

Anyone who wishes to help--and receive the [US] tax deduction for 2010--can contribute to our fully deductible 501c3 at http://wwwforcefieldnow.org.

And now to work. As the great Jewish sage Hillel said, "If not now, when?"

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