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Assam Government to Deport Victims of Islamist Terror

For several years, I have been traveling around West Bengal, India, in an effort to gather evidence about the plight of Bangladeshi Hindus and bring that evidence to human rights supporters in the United States Congress and Senate. The Bangladeshi Hindu population has fallen from just under a fifth of the Bangladeshi people at independence in 1971, to eight percent or less today. Contrary to apologists, there has been no corresponding increase in the Hindu share of West Bengal--the Indian state that borders Bangladesh and shares its ethnicity. In fact, the Hindu proportion of West Bengal has fallen during that time as well.

While we receive a steady stream of reported atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh (reports which we investigate and almost always verify) and West Bengal; we are now receiving new reports from the neighboring Indian state of Assam, which stretches along Bangladesh's northern border. For years, and especially during times of unrest in Bangladesh, Hindus have fled to Assam for safe haven. In fact, the Assam Supreme Court has issued rulings of special protection for them.

Now, however, the Assamese government has begun issuing orders of eviction to many of these Hindus, all victims of Islamist (and Islamist fellow travelers) atrocity. It is doing this contemptuously of the longstanding supreme court rulings. It has not, by the way, issued any such orders to the growing number of Muslims now in the state. These infiltrators are attempting to replicate the same demographic shift in Assam as we are seeing in West Bengal.

Several local groups are forming to stop this double victimization. One of them, The Protection Forum for Bengali Hindus of Assam, has asked us to join them in this fight; and we will be standing with them in a matter of months. Some have also appealed to the national Indian government and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. But it is clear that the only thing with a chance of stopping this is the pressure that comes from shining a light on these actions and forcing the world to confront what is happening to these perpetually victimized people before it is too late.

That has become one of our goals, and it is a major aim of our next trip to the region. If you want to help, contact Dr. Richard Benkin at

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Blogger Bengalee Hindu Assam said...

The Thematic Convention on December,4,2010 at Guwahati, Assam, India organised by the Protection Forum for Bengalee Hindus of Assam, held under the Chairmanship of Mr. Manas Choudhury, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Meghalaya adopted unanomously undermentioned two resolutions:

(1) The Government of India shall be pleased to move suitable legislation conferring citizenship to any Hindu who has migrated and to be migrated to any part of the territory of India due to religious persecution at any time from Bangladesh and uniform laws for grant of citizenship to both East Bengal (Bangladesh) and West Pakistan displaced persons without discrimination.

(2) The Government of Assam is requested to stop intimidation, repression, deportation of Bengalee Hindu who were detained in various detention camps, jails and police custody and to release them and withdraw all cases/ suits pending in the Tribunals and High Court unconditionally and to rehabilitate them.

The meeting was attended by about 300 delegates from different districts of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, West Bengal of India and representatives of various political parties viz. Dr. Hitendra Nath Goswami, General Secretary, Asom Gana Parishad (AGP), Mr. Ajit Bhattacharjee, General Secretary, Assam unit of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)and Mrs. Bakul Ghosh, Secretary, Assam Pradesh Congress Committee.

Convention also resolves to hold a North East Convention on 20th February,2011; to visit different Jails where Bengalee Hindus are lodged and to attend family of victims for rendering haminaitarian relief including assistance in legal aid, maintenance of livelihood, education of the dependent members.

There were about 25 victims or members of the family (men,women and children) present in the convention who also narrated their tale sufferings personally to the delegates.

The convention resolved also to appreciate the effort of Dr. Subodh Biswas, President, All India Bengali Refugees Coordination Committee,Nagpur (present in the Convention)and Dr. Richard L.Benkin, President, ForceField,(human rights activist), USA to internationalize the issue of persecution Bengalee Hindus in Assam as foreigner in Assam.

Kamal Dutta,
On behalf of the Protection Forum for Bengalee Hindus of Assam, Guwahati.
Ph: +91-9435168473, 9435195848, 9864077687, 9435342305

12/05/2010 3:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please visit blog: to know the media report (News paper cutting in Assamese language enclosed) that a Bengalee Hindu Boy (Bijoy Das) of district Kamrup (Boko area) declares before media that he will commit suicide, if his father (Satyaban Das) and mother (Malati Das), lodged in two different jails for more than last one year, on concocted ground of being foreigners from Bangladesh. Similar stories also appeared in local Newspapers, many are also enclosed. Please take immediate steps against such gross violation Human Rights in India/ Assam, without waiting for February, 2011. About 200 telephone numbers are available apart from email address of the local news papers.

12/08/2010 2:36 PM  
Anonymous Bishnu Bhattacharjee, Nagaland said...

In Guwahati,8th January 2010 after arrival of Bharatiya Janata Party Leader Mr L. K. Advani, Mr Arun Jethly and Mrs Sushama Swaraj Assured to Hindu Bengali Community as a whole that BJP will stand to protect all Hindu Bengali Of Assam. And also assured that they will raise voice in parliament to protect Hindu Bengali and their culture and religion in North East. They have also admitted that Hindu Bengalies are torured and victimised by Present Government in the name of Political issue. They also claimed that all hindu Bengali should get Proper Shelter and respect with rights in Assam and in all corner of North Eastern state.
Lets hope Bharatya Janata Party is Speaking for Political selfishness or Really they want to protect and secure Hindu Bengali of North East as is is done in Pakistan border Area for Hindu panjabi.

1/10/2011 1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bengali Hindus are the receiving end of persecution and negligence. I am from Bangladesh. Indian Govt should annex few districts of Bangladesh to settle Bangladeshi Hindus.

Bangladeshi Hindus will not survive more than 50 years in Bangladesh. They will be forced to migrate to India.

All Bengali Hindus worldwide should wake up the the dangerous future they are heading to.

What started in 1905 and continued throughout the century must stop now.

It seems the 2001 persecution of Bangladeshi Hindus was a reminder to the Bengali Hindus that this century will finish the rest of them.

It seems 2005 August bombings in Bangladesh by the Islamist was a celebration of 1905 partition of Bengal.

Dear Bengali Hindus from all over the world. It is time to consolidate the strength of us. Let us come together. Let us live together in our ancient home Bengal and make this place a heaven for us.

Let us free ourselves from the medieval Islamists.

Thank you sir, DR. RICHARD BENKIN! The Jews people is an inspiration for the Bengali Hindus.

3/05/2012 1:22 AM  

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