Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009

This is Memorial Day weekend in the United States. It is a time of a three-day weekend and respite from work on Monday. But the purpose of that respite is to honor those Americans who have fought and died in the cause of freedom. As we hear people try to minimize or even stand in opposition to what they accomplished, we should remember that people worldwide live in freedom today because of them. Without them, the two great scourges of the twentieth century--fascism and communism--might have triumphed; thanks to them, they did not.

The march of freedom worldwide over the past decades--freedom from colonialism, genuine imperialism, and despotism--has been possible only because of their sacrifice; and the sacrifice of citizens from other nations as well. On Memorial Day, I honor them, too.

Today, we face another scourge with the same objectives as fascism and communism: to force their own version of life on the rest of the world, and to grab the power that comes with it. Right now, there are people fighting and dying to stop them. And so on Memorial Day, 2009, I think of them, too, and pledge to stand and defend theirhonor when others try to besmirch their sacrifice. It's the least they deserve.

To all of those who died in the cause of freedom, I offer my humble prayers and sincere thanks.



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